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Newly-crowned Rose of Tralee Clare Kambamettu celebrated her big win last night by sharing an embrace with her boyfriend James after her name was called out.

The stunning Kildare native said: "I thought Daithi was messing when he called out my name. I thought 'he's got to be joking' -- but obviously he wasn't.

"Any of the 31 girls who I've spent the past ten days could equally have been in my shoes. air max 09 It's just been a fantastic experience and I can't wait for the year ahead."

The 25-year-old psychologist, who is half Indian/half Irish, is the daughter of Dr Ravi Kambamettu and admits that her win has particularly delighted her father, who moved to the Emerald Isle when he was in his early twenties.


Clare, who graduated with an arts degree from NUIG, before going on to do a Master's Degree in Psychology at King's College, London, nike max air admits she never thought she would be able to enter the annual lovely girls contest, let alone win it, when she was a child.

" I think it's fantastic that Ireland has become so multi-cultural and more and more diverse over the last ten years or so. I just can't believe I'm getting this opportunity," she said.

"I hope that I'll be able to represent not only the Indian community but different ethnic minorities throughout the nike airmax 2009 world as well as I can.

"My dad's particularly delighted. He didn't grow up with it so it means so much to him.

"He's in complete shock, he and my mum Breda both are. They're so excited that I'm going to be moving home, although I still need to hand in my notice," she laughed.

Clare went on to explain how host Daithi put her at ease when she took to the stage last night and says her predecessor nike airmax Charmaine Kenny -- a fellow London Rose -- has been a great support since she first entered the contest.

"Charmaine has told me all about the fantastic things she has done and the things I can get involved in and I can't wait to sit down and have a proper chat with her," she added.

Festival panel judge Mary Kennedy said it was an extremely difficult decision for her and her fellow judges 09 cheap nike air max .


"We've spent a lot of time with these women.We had one on ones. We had individual sessions. We studied them for over a week. We had group sessions. They were all very confident young ladies."

Meanwhile, former Rose of Tralee presenter Gay Byrne has given Daithi O Se a thumbs up following his debut stint presenting the festival 09 sneakers .

Gaybo, who celebrated his 76th birthday earlier this month, told the Diary his days of attending the contest as a guest are now behind him.

"I only saw the very beginning of it but he seemed to be doing well," he said.

Festival organisers were equally delighted with the Kerry native's debut year.

"We are delighted with Daithi's performance.air max 09 shoes He brought a burst of energy and enthusiasm to proceedings in the Dome and it was obvious that the home crowd were thrilled to have one of their own on stage," they said.

However, Mary (53) who has been on the judging panel of the annual festival for three years, vowed she would never step into Daithi's shoes.

She insists that the male/female dynamic is key.

"I do think the chemistry between the man and woman works," she told the Diary.

"I mean,nike air shoes Marty was brilliant with the Roses and the past few years I've been there with Ray and there was great banter.

"And goodness we all know there's plenty of banter with Daithi and the girls.

"You need that kind of chemistry and I don't think you'd get that with two women up there," she added.

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