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I feel it, everyone is struggling with writing presentations. I was too. I noticed, students have the knowledge, A to Z of each subject but major problem is that they do not know how to construct paragraphs with teel method well. How to attempt the question.How to write the answer. What is an effective way of writing? How to impress teachers within min. Because teachers have lots of copies to check and they have limited time. In between, you need to write well or highlight the point, what is important.

Here's the ultimate guide to writing a TEEL Paragraph. So you will achieve awesome marks in any subject. Here you will discover our useful techniques for creating impressive answer writing.
So why are you waiting, let's get started!!

I am about to cover this major topic,
Full form of TEEL?
What is the definition of teel and why should you use it in examination papers?

Basically, the TEEL structure provides you with a well-organized method for getting your point of view towards questions. If you use this, definitely you be able to give unique answers to your teacher within a few minutes. So let's break down the TEEL paragraph structure:

Topic sentence, Example, Explanation, Linking Sentence

T stands for Topic Sentence
The very first sentence in your paragraph which question you are about to attempt. The teacher understands which topic you are going to talk about. It is the direct response to what question and answer are.

E stands for example
In this section you should give some live examples, highlighting, underlining. In which your text will serve you well.

E stands for explanation
After done, your examples. Now it's time to explain. Subheading and minor topics.

L stands for Linking Sentence
Add a source link to highlight how your paragraph supports your answer or points.

Why should you use the Teel method?
Teel has three kinds of techniques Symbolism, Truncated sentence, and Dark imagery. Which helps us to more extra things into answers writing. The major advantage of using a teel structure is that we can cover lots of things in a good structure way.

Summary__ TEEL Paragraph
Write your answer with Teel Structure is the plus point of your answer writing. And helps you to achieve full grades in academics for more information go to my website.

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