ccheese song......... X)Sunnuntai 23.11.2008 12:25

When I'm standin' on a deli line,
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
Even when I'm in the kitchen, yea
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
And if I'm makin a cold sandwich, yo
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
I like cheese a lot
I got the mozzarella and you know I got the cheddar
In my fridge I got some feta cause no one can do it betta

American cheese, is always on my mind,
I like both the white, and the orange kind,
In my opinion, the slices are too little,
And when I am bored I bite a whole in the middle
The waiter, asks what I want to eat
So I tell her I want pizza, with some extra cheese
When it comes to dessert, I make no mistizzake,
Don't even need a menu I just order some cheesecizzake
My appetizer picks, are mozzarella sticks,
Dipped in marinara sauce, 'cause you know they really mix
So don't try to tell about any of your restaurant's specials please,
I want some fried cheese,
If I have to beg you know that I'd get on my knees,
You should think about it, take a second
Matter fact, can I send this back?
I changed my mind, I want some monterey jack!


Every evening, I sprinkle parmesan
Meatball heros, damn right that's what I put it on,
I keep some cream cheese hangin' off my bagel,
Don't spread it on too sloppy, don't want none on the table
Ain't no other way to eat chips than with queso,
I dip the chip, then scoop it up really slow,
2 erra erra 1 er 3
Salsa is for fools, that's right queso is for G's
And if I got some cold cuts, thats when I use my provolone,
Don't like to share my sandwich, so I eat it when I'm home alone,
So if you decide to show up at my place,
Better bring a grilled cheese sandwich and then get up out my face,
The rule with string cheese, you gotta eat it right,
Gotta peel it from the side, you can't just take a bite,
Love to eat chizzle, fo' rizzle my nizzle,
If you put cheese in a microwave it will begin to fizzle


Why does swiss cheese have so many holes?
I do not know, but I eat it on a roll,
Why's it called bleu cheese if it's not blue?
These cheesy questions leave me without any clue
If I got crackers then my eyes will open wide,
I can eat them with the muenster that has orange on the side
You don't like goat cheese? That's really sad,
More goat cheese for me since you think it tastes ba-a-ad
I'm obsessed with cheese, it's plain to see,
Fresh gorgonzola, can't forget to mention brie,
Wanna make my own so to a farm's where I went,
I thank god every day that I'm not lactose intolerant
But even if I was, I'd still eat it every day
'Cause to eat romano cheese there's no price that I wouldn't pay,
I know, that everyone agrees,
There's nothing better in the world than a fresh slice of cheese.

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