Once Upon The Cross..

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Gojira - Of Blood And SaltSunnuntai 01.03.2015 02:52

Tää on niin mahtava biisi..!!!

I take what life’s been given
With my bloody hands
Discovery of the world
As my head decides
Swallow the lies
From sick ideals

So my head is on fire
Can’t stand the pressure
I’ve got to run away
My head is exploding
Come back to the reason
I fade away
All hail the new blood
Flowing from lies again

Let’s go

Swallowing the dust from sick ideas from the past
This is this our refugees never gonna die
All hail the new blood flowing from life again
You take with all our breed and no respect to life

The operator, pass down to us control
The walk and wicked of all going to the wall

This life is so dead, consuming to the bone
Expand the pieces crushing to the face of all
From equal slayers ff the earth, I hear the moan
A wretch destroys to wipe us from this race.

I Puncture inflame, what do and destroy
Filth soured from this world
Depends on our souls

From all blood and salt

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