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:DDTiistai 18.12.2007 00:16

The first time I met you, it was a cold winter day
It was a lonely and hard day
With you white smile, you gave me confidence
I was so happy to fly away.
I remember it like it was yesterday
That time you said so many times, and a few hundred times
Even the words make you tired, I'm not going to regret
Even though everything doesn't go you way, don't forget
I'm always here for you

Wipe you tears now
I'll give you comfort
I'll give everything to you
I'll prepare for your love
I can see my happiness in your eyes
When I see you far away, I feel happy
It is so important for me
to feel you being there
You are rain in a dry land
You are the sunlight in darkness
You smile at me when I am tired
My love is growing in you
I close my eyes and think about you
You are always mine
Everything looks so happy
I love you under the sky
I'll watch you forever
Even though everything changes in the
world, I will always remember

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