like Shaggy wud say "it wazn meeh"

just a gameTorstai 04.05.2006 01:15

they knew each other for some days
she liked him, he had a girl
she tried to find some wayz
to get him in her world
they were talkin, laughin, she thought he was her prince
even tho she knew she is not his princess

she alwayz got so sad if he said sum kinda truth bout her
but still she gave him all her feelings
at the same time she was cryin, she didn even know what for
he knew it was a game
the reality she tryed t' ignore

she told him that she felt bad
she said it was bcz of him
she took it seroius but still it was a game
he said tha she was sick

one day, they met again
she got this happy spirit
she thought everything was not the same
but he just tryed to sorry for her pain

she ran away, even tho he hugged her
she cudn keep her tears inside
she ran away, blamin herself for this all
while he was aksin why

she started hatin him
she thought it was the end of life
she didn wanna get some help
she wanted to hav some cry

she just locked herself in her lil world
where everything takes the wrong place
she imagined that she didn hav support
she got it... she didn notice... to much of tears all around her

p.s. not about me

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