like Shaggy wud say "it wazn meeh"

a storyTorstai 31.05.2007 16:05

once upon a time a wizard created two girls, he wanted both of them to be blond, with blue eyes, because the wizard was evil a bit and he wanted to hav daughters lookin like princesses, so that ppl would av thought that he is a king, but as the wizard at the moment of creation had the woooorst hangover wizards can hav, the girls were ginger and black. and they looked like witches. the wizard knew that he cant hang around with these kinda women, bcz ppl were really scared of any kind of magic, so they cud destroy him and the girls. the reason why the girls were lookin like witches was that they were hot - long hair, long legs and of course big boobs. the wizard didn know how he cud use those women, he tried to make em do the house work - they cudn, they already had this thing with nail breakin. he tried to make them look less sexy, but they said fuck u to the wizard. but once them three decided to drink because of their unhappiness (they had to hide themselves), so they drank and drank and drank, till the night fell down on the village and all of the evil and sneaky ppl came out. suddenly the drinks ended and wizard wanted more, but he didn wanna move anywher, so he though "hmmm, i hav no money, and i dont wanna use ma magical powers to make money, hmm, ill send one of the girls to get money and drinks, its dark noone will see their hotness and kill us." so he sent ginger head first, she was away for quite a while but when she came back she had a lot of drinks, and one cud av found money in her tiny shorts and black bra, that she made look like a tiny top. wizard asked her where she got everything from, she just smiled drank a bit more and passed out. the money that she brought was enuf for another 3 days. then on the 4th day, wizard while drinkin sum rum though: "now i can use the black haired one" and he sent her to the dark streets of the village. the same thing as last time when ginger head was sent happened to the black head woman. wizard asked her, she smiled, drank a bit more and passed out.the next day while the women were sleepin, the wizard thought of that magic that those women do, apparently it was much more powerful than his magic. then he understood what happened. the next minute, him and the women still pased out were goin to a big city. the wizard became the first pimp in the world. the end.

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