You wanna know me..? Read this...Perjantai 12.05.2006 18:08

About me

My name is Blanche. Listen to me carefully, because I don`t like to repeat myself. So I already told my name. And it was? The reason, why Im telling u this, is simple. You need to know me. And now it`s suitable to ask a question called: why? Well, that is simple too. You are right now reading my diary, which is full of my private matters and secrets with unvisible shelter. To understand my diary you need to get to know me. Now Im a big mystery to you, like the world. Think about how can you learn about the world? Same way you should learn something about me. Who I am, What I do, What I think. And Don`t you say, your not interested of doing this. Because you already came here. Make your move, and you will get to know me some day. Now listen to me very carefully, because for real, i hate to repeat myself. So I already told my name. And it was?

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