kohta tulee varmaan ikävä IB:tä :/:/:/Perjantai 26.05.2006 22:28

Pakko kerätä näitä IB-nörtin ominaisuuksia tänne, kun jotkut niistä tuntuu aika pelottavan tutuilta. :) hihu. Tässä niitä siis:

*You begin to talk to yourself, then disagree about the subject, get into a nasty row about it, lose, and refuse to talk to yourself for the rest of the day.
*You can spell "Baccalaureate".
*While writing a TOK paper, you begin to actually understand the material.
*You go to bed at 3AM and think, "Oh, it's an early night!"
*You've fooled yourself into believing that colleges actually care whether you're in IB or not.
*You write sentences on multiple choice tests.
*You frequently catch yourself saying "What?? We had homework??"
*You are 18 but can't drive. (lol)
*You show up 4 hours late to an IB test and still manage to get a "5". (ei ihan 4 tuntia sentään)
*You consider your computer your best friend.
*You actually believe "mental health days" are excused absences.
*You hyperventilate every time you see a traditional student, praying that you'll never become like them. (hah)
*You think "getting high" is a reference to grades.
*Watching Beavis and Butthead requires WAY too much brain power.
*It's the little things that confuse you.
*When you go to the library, you see a least three or four of your classmates.
*you spend all your time complaining about your work, then do it hurriedly because you want to get to bed and don't know where all the time went
*you complain that you can't store notes on your graphing calculator for the IB English exam.

and last but not least: I feel masochistic.

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