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It can be cold in California too..Tiistai 27.11.2007 08:27

So.. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming. I got to have lots of turkey and now I look like one.. But anyway, I enjoyed my thanksgiving. I got to see Lake Tahoe and I went up to mountains with cable car,,and that was my first time in a cable was pritty awesome :) And cold..jesus..It was freezing..and i saw snow!!!And i made a little snow ball..can u believe? im in california.nice.

And then I had a dinner with finnish/american family..the dad and the girl spoke finnish, but they both had a funny murre, bc they have been living so long in they are loosing their finnish.but anyway it was nice to meet them.And guess what?? The son has a finnish sauna in his appartment!!! Cool =)

So life is good.Now i just have to start loosing some weight..damn turkey ;)

see u later fellows..

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