[Ei aihetta]Torstai 22.11.2007 22:14

At times I still hear your voice in my head
And I wish that you were here instead
And all our precious memories I'll never forget

we've been best friends
Ever since we were little kids
so I sit and reminisce on all the things we ever did
I remember
All the stupid shit I can't forget
Hope God forgive us for our sins
and give me the strength to live
Far from sensitive
But I'm shedding tears right now
Cause I'm watching you fight for your life
and I can't help out
Meanwhile, the doctor's shocking your chest
Checking for breath
I was wit you from the stretcher
To the hospital bed
Not believing it yet
Everybody sad and depressed
Counting your blessings
Praying and praying, hoping for the best
Waiting in back
Your wife duke shaking from stress
Breaking in tears and fear
Cause dog, she loved you to death
Next thing you know, the doctor comes out
Just shaking his head
Nothing was said
But I read it in his face full of sweat
You were dead
Just all I saw was blood shot red
And I felt a chill through my body
That I'll never forget
God Bless You

In my sleep I hear you speaking to me
And feel you reaching to me
Wish I could see you
Though I know you wit me spiritually
Physically, right here besides me
Is where I need you to be
Keeping me company
And take over this whole industry
Memories, of when we used to be
Too deep in the streets
If there was beef
We had each others backs naturally
If there was need for me to grab the heat
You'd grab it from me
And blast off wit no remorse
Just as long as its me
Young indeed
We sat and chat
On the block puffin trees, guzzling Hennessey
Playing knuckles until one of us bleed
You used to eat rocks
And read encyclopedias to me
You was a genius
Even though you had no college degree
We were homies
But you will always be a brother to me
So close
We always gave each other kiss on the cheek
Big P, your legacy will always live on the street
And best believe
I'ma be there for your wife and 3 seeds
Rest In Peace

Yeah, This is dedicated to the ones who never made it
I hated the fact you faded away
You were the greatest
So I say this prayer to pay my respects
I'll never forget you cause you special
I'll catch you in my heart
May God bless you
Rest in peace to my peoples
Who passed away (passed away)
Best believe I'ma keep you alive
Always (always)
Till the day we meet again
Face to Face wit a grin
In hell or heaven
You my twin to the end
And I'ma Miss You

I know you’re with god now

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