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Cooler than meMaanantai 02.08.2010 05:38

if i could write you a song
and make you fall in love
i would already have you up under my arm.
i used up all my tricks
i hope that you like this.
but you probably won't
you think you're cooler than me.

you got designer shades
just to hide your face and
you wear them around like
you're cooler than me.
and you never say "hey" or remember my name.
its probably cause you think you're cooler than me.

you got your high brow
shoes on your feet
and you wear them around
like they aint shit.

but you dont know
the way that you look
when your steps

shh, see i got you
all figured out
you need everyone's eyes just to feel seen.
girl your so vane
you probably think that this song is about you.
dont you?
dont you?

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