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    "maybe my mind isnt as
    vast and evolved as
    typical gay rpg fans but
    it was just too much of a
    clusterfuck and now i have
    to go play an fps before
    my body finishes absorbing
    its testicles "

    "the box promises 80 hours
    of gameplay and i believe
    it cause the game draws
    everything out
    mercilessly, a large
    percentage of those 80
    hours will be spent on
    dull conversations running
    one side of the map to the
    other behest of fat npc
    jerks or just wondering
    what the chuffing hell
    youre supposed to be doing

    "theres this ongoing story
    about you being the chosen
    one or some shit, but its
    somewhat undermined by the
    niggling knowledge
    that there are 100k other
    chosen ones running
    around, some lower level
    some higher level but all
    of them dickheads plotting

    "theres just you, some
    guns and whole population
    of murdertown between you
    and where you need to be,
    its pure genocidal fun"

    "but all you need to know
    that there is a weapon
    which shoots shurikens and
    lightning, i wish i could
    up something like that, it
    would be only more awesome
    if it had tits and was on

    yahtzee <3

    tää kuvaa mua aika hyvin:
    "se on joku
    jakomielitautinen otus"