itTorstai 30.10.2008 16:17


may daySunnuntai 26.10.2008 14:59

vanha mestari, onnelaPerjantai 24.10.2008 15:30

Roy Orbison - Oh my love my darlingKeskiviikko 22.10.2008 11:46

Pussycat Dolls- Hush, HushTorstai 16.10.2008 22:30

I don't want to
Stay another minute
I don't want you
To say a single word
Hush Hush, Hush Hush
There is no other way
I get the final say
I don't want to
Do this any longer
I don't want you
There's nothing left to say
Hush Hush, Hush Hush
I've already spoken
Our love is broken
Baby Hush Hush

itTorstai 16.10.2008 17:54

paras voitti 3:0

8.10.2008 paras ilta ilon talossa :D Maanantai 13.10.2008 22:29

dance, dance, dance

smyle, smyle, smyle

Kiitos Dj-lle

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 13.10.2008 22:26

There goes my baby
And ain't she the real thing
I got her now.....he's my number one
He's my darlin"
And he got my heart set
I'm talking about
she's my number on

ilon talo.Torstai 02.10.2008 19:35

la-may day, onnela, coyot, onnela.Maanantai 29.09.2008 22:03