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A few days ago, I saw a news in the newspaper saying that it was the Xiangshan Port Bridge to be built. I was very excited. Why is this? Because Xiangshan is my father's hometown Wholesale Cigarettes, it is also a place I am very yearning for.aturday, I went to Xiangshan with my father. I specially took the car to the Hengshan Wharf to prepare for the transitional round. From afar, the first Xiangshan Port Bridge is like a dragon lying on both sides of theng at this majestic bridge, I can't help but imagine that I can go to Xiangshan's hometown for dinner after a short one-hour bus ride at school. I can go to the seaside of Xiangshan to eat the "bone fresh" seafood products. My saliva must flow out! Dad laughed at me as a little servant. I was thinking of a famous saying on the bridge in front of me. "One bridge flies north and south, and Tianzhu becomes a thoroughfare." looking forward to coming back to my grandmother's house next time. At that time, I had to fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of going all the way to my grandmother's house. day during the summer vacation, I accompanied Lu Zhizhen and Shao Xiaotian to a mountain in the suburbs accompanied by a tour guide and played "bungee jumping."ing to the periphery of the mountain, we looked at the endless white clouds below, and our heads immediately shrank back. "Don't be so timid!" said the tour guide Newport 100S. "Don't try to know how to do it?" After thinking for a while, Shao Xiaotian finally came out bravely. The tour guide gave Shao Xiaotian a thumbs up, tied his waist and feet with a thick, blue rope, tied the other end to a big ring, and pushed it hard to push Shao Xiaotian down. We looked down and saw that Xiao Xiaotian had no idea where to go Cigarettes Cheaper. The tour guide took the rope again and Shao Xiaotian came up again. Just mentioning a loose one... After a while, Shao Xiaotian was dragged the success of Shao Xiaotian, I also took the courage to say, "I am coming!" The tour guide tied me with a rope and pushed me down. At this time Marlboro Red 100S, I felt that I had never been cool, and there was a "whistling" wind blowing in my ear, and my mind was blank. After a while, I gradually got used to it. I watched the white clouds under the feet, the flying birds, and felt the flow of the wind. Don��t mention how cool it was... At this time, I was getting closer and closer to the ground, looking at the lake below. I panicked, I don't know what to do. Just at the moment I bumped into it, my body was suddenly lifted. Just for a while, for a while, just when I was about to faint, the tour guide pulled me up...gee jumping" is over, I am lazy on the top of the mountain Marlboro Cigarettes Price, and I have been thinking about the scene just now... Instructor Yin Cuixiang

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