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I remember that my favorite thing to do was to lie in bed listening to music and daze, looking at the tree in front of the window, my eyes turned with the fallen dead leaves ... Once upon a time, I was still a carefree life, and from what From the beginning, I never sat still by the window and did what I liked. Yes! The past is not reminiscent of memory. On the eve of high school, former friends and close classmates all passed their ideal high school Marlboro Lights. I'm sorry for the few students who didn't get into high school. On the day of graduation, I saw bright smiles on the faces of our classmates. Our cheers echoed for a long time in the blue sky above our alma mater, Baiyun was dancing for us, and birds were singing for us. We meet in the third middle school of blue sky and green grass. The bright five-star red flag is our testimony Marlboro Gold. We will soar in the sky and write the music of our lives. We look forward to thinking about what will happen in the future high school life. Now, busy high school life is spent in tension, day after day. Getting up early in the morning and opening my mouth is ABC. The brain refused to take a break while eating breakfast, and has been continuing yesterday's problem. After the class, the teacher took the handout to the podium and started the class. Some teachers, such as Tang Seng, were reborn, and they kept telling us 5,000 years of history in China, China ��s current economic policy, and why the temperature here is related to us. Precipitation ... the alarm bells inside the brain are endless, but I just can't shake the thunder, I don't think about this little alarm bell yet. However, I find it very interesting when I take Chinese and chemistry classes. The two teachers often make wonderful words in the classroom, and learn by example. They use all means to make the classroom active and make us happier and more willing to learn. Sometimes I continue to Are Miss Zhao and Lei close brothers? And is Teacher Lei's major in chemistry a reality? Dull class with flavoring agent, it will become very "delicious", people can't help but want to try it, and it will be addictive, want to quit or quit, sit at the window again Looking out the window, the leaves are slowly falling, and I have a lot of different feelings. The same place, the same person, the same thing, but the same time is gone! The past cannot be traced. Let it pass by the past! Carve beautiful memories into "CDs" and store them in the brain, so that the painful memories are taken away by the spring breeze. After many years, you will be surprised to find a "stone tablet" in the memory, which is deeply engraved with "pain here." A spring is here, the season of all things recovering Online Cigarettes, everything starts from scratch. The plan of the year lies in the spring, and the plan of the day lies in the morning. Come on

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