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My school days were only nine years before and after. It is said that long is not long and short is not short. From low-level schools to high-level schools, it has also adopted the method of "waiting and waiting". That is to say, I went to primary school for half a year, middle school for three and a half years, high school for two years, and studied abroad for three years. In addition, what is spent is completely a "human suffering" life. Before elementary school Newport Cigarettes, I thought we should start with private education. A girl born in a family like me who was a peasant into an official and a very strong conservative Marlboro Red, could n��t talk about the right to e screen friend of the county office lived, clean up a humble study, invited an old family member who was a screen friend in the department, and taught my sister to read and write. An old gentleman argues that the seniors are our ancestors. Although he has also studied before, his learning is very limited. When he has difficulty teaching, he is too lazy to read the dictionary. is pronounced as "beast", and the word "��" by cold wind is "��". From the teaching of a master, we can imagine how our academic performance is. So we also put on a belly letter, afraid that I would read the meaning of a word from the context later, even if I could later make hundreds of words of poems, thousands of words, and write the entire book But you ca n��t say a joke when you speak. It was not corrected until I became a Chinese teacher, but at the stage of being a middle school teacher, I actually committed a lot of wrongdoings. Now I only sincerely apologize to the students who have taken the Chinese course in my class. Hope They can forgive me, because I still have this heart. In the private school for two years, I read a three-character scripture, a thousand-character essay, a female four-book, and the teacher was done. I never explained half a sentence for me, so I did n��t know anything except the fuzzy influence on the recognition of a thousand words. But in the second half of the second year, the atmosphere of the new school also invaded our ancient family. My young uncle and elder brothers and brothers have added English mathematics history and geography to the Four Books and Five Classics, and have produced Chinese textbooks to meet the educational needs of this era. The teacher thought that her sister's degree had already given her a lece period of study was short Marlboro Lights, and they should instill a little practical knowledge as much as possible, so the sisters read
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