another week closer to Christmas.Maanantai 28.11.2005 02:24

It was a considerably mild and relaxing sunday afternoon. Got to my parents and went for a walk with the dogs and took a nap of couple of hours.

I'm still here, and was planning to spend the night here and go for a run in the morning, for it's so much nicer to run here in the woods than in the city. I don't if it was the traditional hangover-depression or what but I decided to pay some more effort to my school. This fall has just gone by without or at least with very little interest on education.

Checked out the prices of season tickets to Messilä and they are sky high. 330 euros for maximum of 4 months of snowboarding. Pretty damn expensive to a student. But my enthusiasm for this sport is however so great that I'll propably buy the ticket anyway.

This week is on to a good start, or at least the feeling is much better than on the whole previous week.

Screw last week, Yeay this week.

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