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Over the last few years, writing has grown increasingly popular among people who are good at composing texts and creative writing. However, academic writing is still challenging especially for newbies.

It is true that knowing just how to write is not enough and doesn’t think you will perform well in your college or a scholarship writing project if you have no clue on how to format an essay in different writing styles such as APA and MLA.

It does not mean that a newbie has no chance to succeed in academic writing. In fact, if you are eager to learn and master the formatting guidelines, constant practice and learning will definitely improve your essay writing.

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Here is a complete guide for you to learn how to format an essay.

The font type should be Times New Roman and size should be 12pt.
Double spacing throughout the text and one-inch margin on all sides of the paper.
Page header should incorporate the author’s name and page numbers at the upper right corner.
There is no separate title page required unless your instructor has asked for it.
Add in-text citations after a quote and before the full stop.
Add ellipsis followed by three periods to show that you have shortened a quote.
Italicize the titles of the books or other work that you have mentioned in your paper.
Add a double spaced footnotes after the referencing phrase.
Add a separate page entitled ‘Notes’
And a Works cited page after the Notes. Don’t forget to capitalize and center the title and double spaced each cited work.

If you are still scared that you could not format your essay in MLA style. It is better to get help from a professional essay writer free to get a perfect essay written in MLA or any other formatting style.

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