fuck...-.-;;Sunnuntai 14.05.2006 15:20

Randomness (Improved... Still not good though)

Name: Nunnu
Age: 17
Sex: yes please
Have you ever (wanted to) join(ed) the mile high club?: no
Ever seen a giant squirrel named Bob before?: yes... many times...
Do you think top hats are sexy?: sure
Call me mama baby!: fuck you
Am I scaring you?: no
Does being scared turn you on?: no
What do you think about Bush?: shithead
Let's talk about sex baby... Go ahead...: how \'bout getting into action
Finish this sentence: I need you to...: fuck off
Word Association: Booga: blaaaargh
Chemicals: oh yes
Mobscene: oh hell yeah
Bunny: momiji
Dynamite: yeah..i\'ll blow you up
Incognito: ...argh
Dogma: you bore me
Squee: kyo\'s kangaroo rats
Oompa: loompa
Green: is is true
Pinstripe: gotta love it
Furry: kitten =^-^=
Blah: yes.. blah!
Eight: seven, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven! *orgasm*
Halloween: i don\'t do holidays
! Katana: i\'ll slash your head off
Combination: sex
Tank: kaboom
How do you feel?: bored
Bored?: yes... i already saidit
Probably are... I don't care ... :(: fuck off
Zippity doo dah zippity day, my oh my what a wonderful day
What do you think of the above song?: it sucks
I'm running out of things to say: boooooooooooooring
Do you think this survey is too long?: yes
You a drinker?: yes
Do you ride the white pony? Come on, fess up!: yes
Do you like fedoras?: no
Do you know what fedoras are?: no
Top hats are sexier in my opinion: i don\'t give a shit
Your opinion on any topic of your choice: fuck off
What do you think of Trent Reznor?: i don\'t give a shit about him
I lurve him... But you don't care.: DON\'T GIVE A SHIT
How do you think I'm doing on the randomness scale? 1-10: not as good as i am
I carrot a hat: yeah... i carrot up your ass
What do you think of ! my polls?: shitload
Have you done them?: no
Do ya th! ink Rod Stewart is sexy?: no
Do ya like his song (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy)?: no
I'm going to make this a real survey & put down some none-random questions: good for you
Favourite movie?: too many
Whats your favourite scary movie?: none... scary movies aren\'t scary
I didn't like Scream, did you?: never watched it... it wasn\'t scary...WATCH DRAMAS! THEY\'RE SCARY!!!
Favourite musical?: none
Favourite subject?: art
Favourite food?: hmmm..noodle\'s
Favourite person (non-famous)?: me
Favourite person (famous)?: kyokyokyokyokyokyokyo
What 'cha wearin'?: come and see
That's sexy: yes very
Almost finished: you bore me
Do you often use google?: always

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