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PaskaaLauantai 24.11.2007 22:21

Truth is;
we only hide because we want to be found
we only walk away because we want to see
who will follow us &we only break hearts
to see what they really mean to us.
I'm tired of hearing what everyone else says
Tell me what's in your heart
What’s really happening between us
Because of I'm tired of guessing
I’m tired of waiting
and I’m so ready for you. Only you.
No amount of coffee,
No amount of crying
No amount of whiskey
No amount of wine
Nothing else will do,
I got to have you.
Today you told me that I've changed.
Well dear friend, I thought about it all day
and realized that I have changed, but you have too.
I got so screwed up that my life doesn't even matter
and you changed for the worse, only caring about what you look like.
So before you go and tell me that 'I've changed'
look at yourself.
And shut the fuck up.
How do you let go
When your not ready to..
Break down and just
T.H.R.O.W. It. A.L.L. A.W.A.Y
Don’t love me,
Don’t love you.
Fuck you and your whole being
If you won’t let me use this noose
To end the unloved self abuse
That you bring upon me
Helpless I know.
Pathetic, it shows
But I have nothing left to do
But keep mourning over you,
You, the one I will never have.
The untouchable face that’s always just out of grasp,
And I keep trying.
Try to hold the good thoughts in as the bad eat me like a cancer
Hold my breathe underwater,
Contemplating what might happen if I never
came back up

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