Could I possibly get more bored?Torstai 29.11.2007 22:18

^the gayest pose ever taken out of context :D

Boring borin boring boring boring. Oh, did I mention? Boring!
I've absolutely nothing to do. Well, actually there are many things that should be done, but what do you know? I aint't doing them.
Maybe I just should go watch some X-files. Might get better. Or not. I need to see the fifth season of Miami Vice!!!1 Love Crockett<3 Well, maybe a bit Tubbs too. But mostly Crockett. Even better: Crockett and Tubbs together. YUM! Blessed tomorrow, hopefully postman will deliver me that divine treat also called the greatest undercover cop show evah!
Am I really posting this crap? Most certainly yes.
And do not dare nag about my great english skills

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