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aww<3 !Tiistai 18.01.2011 17:52

Stranger: I just start with the fact I'm a guy as most people skip then
You: hah :D well, i didn't. how old r u?
Stranger: I'm 22, you?
You: 19
Stranger: cool, where you from?
You: finland, u?
Stranger: england
Stranger: Finland is a country I wanna visit
You: really? are u serious
Stranger: yeah
You: why?
Stranger: pretty girls beer beautiful countryside
Stranger: 3 good reasons :)
You: okay, i live in countryside :)
Stranger: if you have beer, your all three in one :)
You: sorry i don't have beer :D
You: and i'm not beautiful
Stranger: I don't actually drink just sounds more manly if you say you want beer... and I don't know what you look like but thier is more to a person than looks
Stranger: your personality is good and you have a finish accent therefore your hot :p
You: oh, that's so sweet :) thank you.
Stranger: alas I must return to work, it has been a pleasure speaking with you
You: okay, u too :) i will never forget it
You: and come here as soon as u can :)
Stranger: I will

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