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Dark Keep StoryMaanantai 29.05.2006 00:47

In a Large Dark Keep With few windows and a Large door at bottom with
no stairs or Floors between the top and Acid around the Circle floor at
bottom,Large Demon at the bottom and a Prisoned Angel in a Cage at the
top,Then suddendly a Shadowy Demon-Like With Wings and tail totally
covered in its shadow Slides Throught the door with monster Sliding all
the way in to Front of the L.Demon And making the monster slide in to
the acid to its doom,and jumps to the light and not so demonic anymore
being Dran's Cousin Darius Drakebreath
With "Shadowy & Divinity" Handguns and"Tigermoon" Sword and then
Starting the Fight against the Demon and then Getting nearly killed by
it,then when the demon is almost going to kill him he vanishes like his
Cousin thought him and Transform in to Dragon Hybrid and fighting with
this form againts the demon but still the demon is too strong but Once
thedemon thought it killed him it only Awakened Something Far More
POWERFULLER than it could ever believe...Darius Had Evolved his powers
by the power of the demon and now with his Demon side awakened he
Transformed in to Devil Dragon Hybrid and Charged his Power to his hands
and released a powerful Beam that Literally Disintegrated the Large
and droped the Cage with the blast too Freeing the Angel and
Completing yet another Devil Hunting in his Life

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