★☆★☆Why I should be there for you, fuck off and get a life!! ! ☆★☆★☆

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 30.01.2007 17:32

oovaa kattonu leffoi kokopäivä =)

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 29.01.2007 19:11

In Flames - Cloud Connected Lyrics
People like you
You live in a dream world
You despise the outside
And you fear you're the next one

It's in your dream
There's just one question
Should I kill?
Or should I be left behind?

Sick and tired
Of all your complaints
This is the hour
We bring it down

I've come to realize
Every little glimpse, you fade
I was told that I could fly
When least expected, cloud connected

You seem to be
So introverted
How come we fail?
With all that is given?

You crossed the line
You remember my name
Time runs backwards
As long as you are heading that way

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tein napaa reiä eikä siihe mahtunu koru :<

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 28.01.2007 15:48

oltii stadis. mentii itiksee. yhet jätkät yritti meit. mut ei onnistunu. sit soitin puhelun. sit mentii rastilaa. sit nähtii kaveri. sit oli kylmä. sit lähettii hyvinkäälmo.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 26.01.2007 21:16

huomen stadii bailaamo

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 26.01.2007 11:15

lähen kouluu mo

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 25.01.2007 23:49

meni poksmo

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oli jees ilta =)