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Those daysKeskiviikko 05.12.2007 20:48

I feel your pain
I see your sun
I need your sleep
For you I bleed

In this year 2007
I lost my heaven
I saw a sign: "Imatra 11"
There was my heaven

Greatest woods in southerneast finland
There we met.. by the grace of your land
And we listened music.. do you remémber that band?
Now I've only this little pack of sand

Then we met again.. the wind was blowing against your face
I was so lost.. so lost on my own honeymoon
Why we let it go? Forced to give up the lifetime for those days
Where are you now? Can I see you soon?

My frontiers are dying
My last tears are lying
Your pain makes me complete
When can we spread our seed?
My hunger is what your apperience feeds

Tell me what you need
Come on, make a wish
Tell me what you want
A lifetime or those days
Which we wasted in haze?

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