I am alive in my grave, A lost soul, no god can save


Jesse EvilEmoGirl
19.10.1993 (24,82 vuotta)

I been so far gone for so long
And I can't keep my head up off the bottom
Holy fuck, why do I bother
I'm never gonna get any better
I've waited so long to declare
"I don't give a fuck if I die today."
Holy shit, I've lost my mind
Reality is starting to unwind~


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    Just ‘cause you’re breathing, Don’t mean you’re alive
    It's Me?
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    Lost Soul~

    "I sold my soul so long ago, a bullet in the chamber with nowhere to go
    If there's a black hole headed for hell then baby count me in"

    "Truth be told, I’m better off letting go
    The world is a gun that is held to my head
    Every dream I have, I wake up dead
    We all have dark days, for me the darkness stays
    I have one wish, let me forget the hell I’m in.
    I am alive in my grave
    A lost soul, no god can save"

    "One last thought before my heart stops beating.
    This is when you pray, but your god's not listening.
    One last thought then I stop breathing.
    Salvation is dead, I wrote my own fucking ending"

    "Hell exists believe it or not
    I made a deal with the devil and now he's stuck in my thoughts but
    little does he know
    I have no fucking soul"