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[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 03.12.2007 20:18

Kαin - FLAW

The lie-stained yesterday, and the broken tomorrow
I cried and could not speak a word, now I can't even sleep

Palliating words, the meeknes of falsehood,
Because nothing's alright, I just want to wander around

This tired, dying body, it just floats around
This sorrowful world
I can't hear it now

Your voice and the sound of the waves
They seem to blend together
In the middle of the night

Well, you taught me
Not to forget this memory

If your voice... (Because my voice...)
..wishes for it (...wished for it)
One more time (Just one more time)
I will sing

This broken heart strifes again and again
This painful world
I won't save it now... but
Your voice I will protect
I embrace the wounds
And start walking

"I love you"

I never said it directly
The word is still here

This sweet pain
Even now I don't cut it loose

The buried pieces of this shattered chest
I want to have it back
Your voice

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