Full Diesel-Black trophyLauantai 09.08.2008 12:59

The biggest cheater
the trophy is yours
painted black it's oh so poor
and after all the lucky loser
gets it all and more
and again you wake up bored

Damned, damned from the beginning
a name written into the books of history
damned, damned for centuries
seek the truth to reveal

Into the same gray morning
another night without a new score
Nobody is knocking on your door
and again you wake up bored

Close your eyes
from these lies
and realize
you live or die

A blessed child he was but not anymore
Your luck has turned since that dawn
Everybody knows it's not your fault anymore
but guess who'll take it all when you fall.

Ps. sori heidi, tuli vähän matkittua...

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