HoroTiistai 11.12.2007 18:02

Scorpio Horoscope

Strong feelings might make your life more complicated now, especially if you decide to take a partner to task over a disagreement. It's really your choice, for the day can be as pleasant as you choose to make it. The deciding factor will be how you express yourself. The most sensible strategy may be to keep quiet until your emotions settle down.

Love Horoscopes Weekly Insight

Small differences of opinion can balloon into major disagreements that can undermine existing relationships or stop potential new ones in their tracks this week. Notice when tension grows and back off before it's too late. Unless it's an urgent issue or matter of principle where no compromise is possible, do your best to defuse conflict before it becomes destructive.

Your Daily Number: 3

Your creativity continues to manifest in every area of your life today. A sense of excitement permeates your daily routine, and at times you may lack focus. Clear communication is important today.

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