Uzilta jössin...Torstai 13.12.2007 23:41

1. Pick an artist or a band that no one has picked before you: Profane Omen

2. Answer exclusively with titles of his/her/their songs

3. Are you a male or a female? Enemy

4. Describe yourself: God in a bottle

5. What do other people think about you? Enemy

6. What do you think about yourself? Psykcho

7. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Disconnected

8. Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend: Wildchild

9. Where would you want to be? Pit Of My Thoughts

10. Describe how you live: Painbox

11. Describe how you love: lullaby ( ei ollu parempaa :D )

12. What would you ask if you only had one wish? Damaget justice

13. Share a wisdom with us: Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction

14. What do you do for living?: ...hate...

15. Say goodbye: Throw Your Stones

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