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Hello. First entry. Sunnuntai 28.05.2006 23:48

Firstly, I'm English. Mä en puhu suomea. But, thanks to love of music, I find an interest in Finnish culture; so I will slowly learn a bit more. I speak so little Finnish, I don't even know how to say "I only speak very very little Finnish".

I need to plan my summer, a friend and I are going to Ruisrock (and Rovaniemirock; this is the problem of being a little in love with Negative) and then at the end of July, I'll be going back; perhaps I'll stay long enough to go to Ankkarock as well.

I'm a band tourist, I know; perhaps it would be bandin-turisti in Finnish?

Maybe I'll be able to take lessons when I'm in Paris. (Yes, go to Paris to learn Finnish, that really makes sense.)

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