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[Ei aihetta]Torstai 06.12.2007 15:15

No voi helevetti, kukas se sitten eilen kaatui yrjöhyrrässä! :S
Ei siis ollut liukasta enkä ollut edes kännissä... (A)
Muuten oli tietenki ihan parasta. :)
Hissiajelut<3 :DDD
Hoh, kohta kotio Mialta. Kai ne bussit sit kulkee. Heh, mie oon ollu 12h ilman tupakkaa!!HULLU.

Nyt tahtoo kotiin<3 Sattuu mut ei krapula. Jeejee. :)

Aijoo, suomi 90v rok rok.

Sorry that I died before you
This is so wrong, but please don't be mad
You now I'm in heaven
You now I'm sad, just sorry for my leaving

Sometimes things just happen, but was this meant to be like this?
I had the chance, I knew the words, too soon it was too late.
But maybe you can understand, just open your eyes to see me.
I could wait forever, much more you, than no one ever.

If I had even a second that I'd be yours
That would make me understand that this all is happening to me
This is just about, you and me.

You gave me a kiss that cost my heart.
I don't want to miss you by my side.

But how could ever my dreams come true?
Maybe there is a chance, that need to understand.
This all was meant to be.
All because of you.

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