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Halo3 reviewKeskiviikko 21.11.2007 02:36

Halo 3 is a spectacular game, filled with action and excitement, no one is left bored.
Good plot, and Masterchief still seems like the perfect super hero. New weapons have been added into Halo 3, for example, the shotgun like Mauler, the affective Laser and many others.

The main story is perfect for ’slow and steady’ players, and for the faster the better players. Many new maps have been added, and lots of details. The graphics are well done, and you can easily stop while playing the main story to watch the scenery.

The designer of halo3 made the wise choice of replacing the dual welding which you spawned with on halo2 for the assault rifle, which is much more interesting during games after spawning, because a full clip of the assault rifle isn't very affective and in the end it all comes down to who ever can take that bit of damage off by scoring a quick beat down and skilled frag throw.

And believe it or not, if you dont like shooting theres still a game for you.You can play Rocket Race a fun little social game in which 1 member drives the mongoose and the other is on back with the rockets shooting enemies or with a well placed rocket he can ever boost his team mate to the checkpoint.
First team to get 10 checkpoints, wins the game.

Or if its game design your into why not give it a go. In forge mode you can put yourself in the designer's chair and create a map from nearly blank space. Place vehicles, weapons, scenery and even respawn points. And then select the game mode, invite your friends and battle it out. The options on forge are almost endless.

Changes have also been made in custom games. You can adjust nearly anything you can think of.

Unfortunately, not even this game is perfect. Halo3 also has downsides. In campaign if you let the computer drive the vehicles they tend to crash into stuff and dont even know where they are going, I would advice you to control the vehicles yourselves in campaign mode. Some weapons like the needler and the sniper tend to feel a bit too powerful and a mauler shot combined with a beat down is almost impossible to survive,

But no matter how bad you get beat you cant help wanting to play more online matches. The XBL mode is great. You can work in a team to complete an objective or just pick a lone wolf game and get right into the action against players from all over the world.

So, in conclusion, I must say that H3 is one of the best games ever made. In addition, in my opinion xbox live is a good way to get to know people and have fun at the same time.
In my case, the xbox live friends have become best friends.
Remember to be careful, don’t give out your personal information to anybody.

-Taija A.

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