How many times have I come across your face? I have to endure it, pretend there’s nothing wrong.
All that I want to do is to beg you to change your mind.
To return to the days when we loved each other.
I saw your face today, you were so happy. Not like when we were in love.
There’s probably a new wonman in your dreams.
When it’s over, I have to come to terms with it.
I'm just the person whose love you've neglected and forgotten about. I don't have any meaning for you anymore.
I'll just have to accept it. I can't do anything about it.
I want to tell you I still love and miss you.
Every time we meet I want you to understand.
But I know it’s too late.
Because you’ve chosen her.
I’m just a former girlfriend, who has been humbled.
I was your old girlfriend that still loves you.

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