Demon Hunter - Less than nothingTorstai 24.01.2008 23:21

I suffocate
Reality is tearing my life away
All in vain
I'm taking my pride into the grave

What a fine line we walk with our eyes closed
Giving our worst as first like we don't know
Burning my way through life with a vengeance
Giving my weight in hate until the neck bends
Tearing out every trace of emotion
Falling into this cell that you've opened
Hollow as all these faces around me
Feeling your fatal infection surround me

We all live in fear of something
We all disappear like nothing
We all live in fear of something
We all equal less than nothing

I suffocate
I'm taking my life from first to last
All this hate is dragging my face through broken glass

How can we be so blind in the same light?
Covering all these scars that we can't hide
Feeling my way through thorns of rejection
Bleeding out all this filth of infection

Leaving you for meMaanantai 21.01.2008 19:21

I´m sitting here alone
What else could I have done?
I can´t regret ´cause I don´t even know what I did wrong
Freedom died with you
I´m searching for myself
When I feel alive
What about me?

Leaving you for me
Try to understand
That I´m only leaving you for me
I try to hold back
Demons in my head
It won´t let go

Hiding from the truth
His strange been through his thoughts
I can't let go exploring every corner of his soul
Life has to go on
You still find your way
Or I feel alive

TeatteriMaanantai 21.01.2008 01:51

Puhukaa vaan paskaa mun selän takana...kyllä mä kestän tän kaiken,koska mä tiedän mikä on totuus!!

As I lay dying - This is who we areMaanantai 31.12.2007 17:25

Now this is who we are
I am no one's hero
For we are not the giant men
That some may think
You are faithful when we are not
So I'd like to tell this story
The way it is meant to be
Without the burden that's in our hearts
None of us would have ever found You
For You are faithful when we are not
You began a work
That only you can complete

Now this is who we are
I'll never know the answers
And I'll always wonder why

...Why we're given grace we'll never deserve
And a second chance that we will never earn
For there is nothing I can do to save myself

Now this is who we are
I'll never know the answers
And I'll always wonder why
But You have let me start again
I'd rather be called weak
Than die thinking I was strong

minä...Lauantai 15.12.2007 23:37

mä olen paha ihminen!!!