[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 04.02.2008 19:19

I fought the forces that will bring me down
They crawl without a sound
They wake me up at night, kill the lights, make it right
No time for slumber I'm getting dumber every sigh,
Everytime I'm standing tall, everytime I rise and fall

I think we're closer now, I'm getting nearer
I can see it touching ground, it's getting clearer
Can't you see I'm way behind, I'm so sincere
I believe you'll never find.

Weed out the sun, under the gun
Kneel down for the ricochet
My future tells no lies to a creature with no rights
As for the plans I have in mind I have nothing left to find
Please show a sign, who's next in line?

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 29.01.2008 21:24

Everybody hates me now, so fuck it
Blood's on my face and my hands, and I don't know why
I'm not afraid to cry, but thats none of your business
Whose life is it? Get it, see it, feel it, eat it
Spin it around so I can spit in its face
I wanna leave without a trace
'Cause I don't wanna die in this place.

Rakas päiväkirja...Lauantai 26.01.2008 18:54

sinulle ei ole yhtään kommenttia!!!

Before the dawn - My darknessLauantai 26.01.2008 17:38

I feel the dark side crawling in
I suck it in with joyful grin
I breath inside and keep it there
this darkness I will not share

Were you with the ones who left me here with nothing more to fear
I sense the pain and taste the blood
I yearn for pain that leaves no scars

Deep down in my darkness
unrighteous dimension of despair

I hit myself against the wall
I hit myself I beat me raw
on the floor I cannot move
In my darkest hour the time has stood

Don't you touch me don't you dare
to brake this silence with words of care
my universe, my darkest cell

Demon Hunter - Less than nothingTorstai 24.01.2008 23:21

I suffocate
Reality is tearing my life away
All in vain
I'm taking my pride into the grave

What a fine line we walk with our eyes closed
Giving our worst as first like we don't know
Burning my way through life with a vengeance
Giving my weight in hate until the neck bends
Tearing out every trace of emotion
Falling into this cell that you've opened
Hollow as all these faces around me
Feeling your fatal infection surround me

We all live in fear of something
We all disappear like nothing
We all live in fear of something
We all equal less than nothing

I suffocate
I'm taking my life from first to last
All this hate is dragging my face through broken glass

How can we be so blind in the same light?
Covering all these scars that we can't hide
Feeling my way through thorns of rejection
Bleeding out all this filth of infection

Leaving you for meMaanantai 21.01.2008 19:21

I´m sitting here alone
What else could I have done?
I can´t regret ´cause I don´t even know what I did wrong
Freedom died with you
I´m searching for myself
When I feel alive
What about me?

Leaving you for me
Try to understand
That I´m only leaving you for me
I try to hold back
Demons in my head
It won´t let go

Hiding from the truth
His strange been through his thoughts
I can't let go exploring every corner of his soul
Life has to go on
You still find your way
Or I feel alive

TeatteriMaanantai 21.01.2008 01:51

Puhukaa vaan paskaa mun selän takana...kyllä mä kestän tän kaiken,koska mä tiedän mikä on totuus!!