∞ - pure ainarchy

With you I am not afraid.Torstai 30.11.2006 11:21

Thought that I lost you somewhere
somewhere lost me instead

Thought you’d find me again
Again found me a thought

Thought I’ll climb a mountain
But the mountain was in me

Thought what I thought
Only a thought I was

Thought I was
I was in me

© Mountain of paradox
8.7.2001 17:47

Irresistible force. Immovable objectSunnuntai 26.11.2006 02:33

Light beam on a mirror.
Kiss on the lips.
Sun, in your eyes.
Welcome Jupiter!

Small hurricane, you strike me blind.
Betwixt and between, your eyes glow gloriously.

On your self-conscious moment, im wishing on a star.
For the nights, for the meteor showers.

I'm the blink in your towns streetlights.
Fire of my candlewick is restless.

Time for you to know what is hidden.
In my every dream - a kiss.

Read between the lines.
I read you.
Is it forbidden?

From the city gates, the tide turned.
You, me, and the dragonflights.

Fight it you might try.
It's the passion you cant deny.

On this path I'm your first sign.
Now, come on! - Fly!

Start it.
Smile at a stranger who smiles at you.
Let go of the unanswerable questions.

Forget absurd catastrophism.
Feel the daybreak.

Deaf, dumb and blind.Perjantai 17.11.2006 17:29

Jack of all cover stories, master of evasions.
Jack of all excuses, master of no real reasons.
Jack of all asses, i am none.

Looking for the Whales.Tiistai 14.11.2006 06:36

Like a storm at the south pole of Saturn.
Like the night, finally dawned.

Things working out perfectly.
Convenient 'coincidences'.
Forces of Nature.

Always on the nick of time.
Narrow escapes.
Guardian angels.

Second sight.
Trust your intuition.

Look again. Look. Again.

The obvious is often the hardest thing to see.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.Maanantai 13.11.2006 20:29

To the left.

The cat named Irony.Sunnuntai 12.11.2006 18:06

"Challenge your friends to a rousing game of truth or dare and admit that you never really liked most of them anyway, and that the ones you do like you're hoping to sleep with. "

Dropping clues as i go.Perjantai 10.11.2006 00:05

Band of Unanswered Prayers.
A dream unthreatened by the morning light


"The dismal state of your life will be underscored today when a drunk throws up on your shoes after punching you while you're waiting for the bus because someone stole your car."

Slumbering husky.Tiistai 07.11.2006 15:49

Winter wishes,
wishes for snow

Soft carpet in front of the fireplace,
warmth to dream away

Rest easy, dreams are sweet,
soon its time for your rescue team leet.


a wuff?
morning's reflections
smelt like thunder

conscious comedian
meet your magic friend

no-turn-around soulspin
you look the other way