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löysin maailman läpimmän draman

tää on ihan sika hyvä 8'''D

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God. Tenimyu fandom.

Just..... GOD.

Q: What was the longest time you've spent together?

[One counting furiously, the other saying: "No ideeeaaa~"]
BB: 36 hours.
Masa: More than 24 hours.

BB: This was recently. When practice ended, we went over to my place, then we slept there, then went back to practice. That was about a day and a half.
Masa: Didn't we do that for two days once?
BB: Oh yes, we did! I think that was more than 48 hours?
[What about change of clothes during such times?]
Masa: We just borrow from each other.
BB: Or I give you some, rather?

Q: Please tell us a secret no one knows besides you.

BB: He clings to me when we're sleeping together!
Masa: His leg muscles are really something.

Masa: Ba-chon's leg is really firm! Such a handsome face and then such awful legs!
[Did you touch them?]
Masa: I tried to twist them! Their build is really unique. Firm and thick and big. Really thick. Twice as thick as mine. Not to be underestimated.


Q: What is your dearest memory together?

BB: The things we've overcome during the long performance run.
Masa: That night...

BB: 'That night'...!? Aah, I remember! I remember. That night was wonderful!
Masa: We're gonna remember that for long, right?
BB: Though you might remember it better than me. /T/N: This means BB was more piss drunk, evidently. xDDD/
[What kind of night was that?]
Masa: We had a nabe (japanese stew) party. It was quite a bit of fun. Amusing things happened.
BB: I was amusing, right?
Masa: Details are top secret of course. (laughs)

Q: --- Just before you've said: "He clings to me when we're sleeping together."
BB: That's a really cute story. Once we went to stay over at Masa's place: Masa, me, Dai-chan (Watanabe Daisuke) and Yuuta (Furukawa Yuuta). We slept together in a huddle. And then~!
Masa: A double attack!
BB: Yup. First when he embraced me I was half-asleep and I thought, okay, no problem, I can sleep like this just as well. Barely had I fallen asleep when he rolled away for a moment, then just bamm! elbowed me in the side out of nowhere! I was shocked awake! (laughs) But Masa, he was still asleep! He has such bad habits.
Masa: What will happen when I'm sleeping with a girl?! It seems I hold on quite tightly! Before this, both Kane-chan (Kanesaki Kentarou) and Aibacchi (Aiba Hiroki) have already said: "Masa suddenly embraced me in my sleep, that was a surprise!"

(......please, help me DDDDDD:♥♥)

just...... mushy flufffffff and I'm pink goo on the floor♥

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ne tappo Shunin ja sullo sen kaappiin T_________________________________T

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um.... äiti lähti lapioimaan lunta

äsken XD

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hello, Hyunjoong, what does your t-shirt say? 8D

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mun päivä tänään on ollu harvinaisen ghei :'D

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hoho tuol on msn 8'D

but that's not the point!! taas.

"You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Wait 54 minutes."

vittujen vittu, just siin leffas oli semmonen kohta mis se tyyppi joko ammutaan tai ei ja perkele se pätkäsee T_______T


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why do you... remind me of Twilight?

haaaaaawt tho♥

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ouuu, matafaka D<

"You have watched 77 minutes of video today. Wait 33 minutes."

olin just kattomas Kisarazu Cat's Eye Nihon Seriesiä ;________;

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Yhyy en varmana käytä liikaa tietokonetta ;____;

Äsken mietin et mihinkähän episodiin jäin Kisarazu Cat's Eyessä ja aloin selaa tota vihkoo mihin oon kirjottanu suunnilleen kaiken ylös. Ja koska se on täynnä, turhauduin ja mietin et "wtf, miten täs toimii tää ctrl+f et voin laittaa keywordin ja löydän sen heti >:OOO"

Sit tajusin et toi. on. VIHKO.