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my life at the momentPerjantai 12.05.2006 13:02

piti kerran kirjotaa enkussa sellanen aihe...sain siitä niin paljon irti että ajatelin kirjottaa sen uudestaan...näppäimet on hajoomassa niin ei tästä varmaan saa mitään selvää..mutta ittenivuoksihan mä tän kirjotan....

once again my life sucks.i´m living with the most confusing guy int the world.he is he sweetest too, don´t missunderstand me. i love him but sometimes it feels like he doesn´t want me to excist.he waned me to move in with him when we had gone out for a whats a girl to do?it didn´seem to be that he wanted a "mom" to cook and clean, he was all housebroken so what´s the ahrm i toughed?what´s the harm?

this went on for a couple of weeks.six i guess.we had a fight, and after that it seemed tht we needed he time lastet about one night.the night after that he called and sais that he can´t sleep without me and so i went back again.we talked and decided to star again.heres the rent.

well did it last a month even when we had a figth again.this ime i was the idiot when i waned to have a smoke while he yelled at me.and for i did not want him to drive drunk.oh, how stupid can i be?
back to my moms long did tha last?right.a whole day!
move in move out.grea.this is how my life will look like for the rest of my life.ok,i´ll get used to it.this ain´t so bad.
jus when i finished that tought he calls me and says-hey,guess what?i bought an apartment.and you know what?you can´t move in.ain´t that grand?
that´s great honey.and by the way.f*ck you!so i´m only worth having when i have money?
os, os, so, so.
i´m moving back o my moms place.quess that´s not all that bad in the summertime.i just might go traveling with them,that´s great.and the one who wants me to move in wih them can got damit come on overhere and try! i have to be pregnant bfor i go trough that again.
a lesson well learned and i can go on forvard to the next hard time to get through.
that´s my life at the moment.

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