.i could follow you to the beginning just to relive the start

.i need you back in my zoneTiistai 03.08.2010 20:23

i'm sorry i misleaded you
i'm sorry i mistreated you
i'm sorry that i hurt you
all i need to know is

can you take me back
cause i can't live without you
i can't live without ya oh oh oh oh

i miss you now
i guess like i should have missed you then
my body moves
like curtains waving in and out of wind
in and out of windows

i can't untangle i can't untangle
what i feel and what would matter most
i can't get close and i i can't get close
and now there's just no point reaching out for me

in the dark i'm just no good at giving relief
in the dark it won't be easy to find relief
and i'm not proud that nothing will seem easy about me

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