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Girl language. NNIH!Sunnuntai 02.12.2007 18:18

When I run away from you - Follow me
When I pout my lips - Kiss me
When I call you crazy - I'm really saying I'm crazy about you
When I'm silent - I'm thinking how to tell you I love you
When I ignore you - I want all your attention
When I pull away - Grab me by the waist and tell me you will never let me go
When you see me at my worst - Tell me I'm beautiful and mean it
When I scream at you - Tell me you love me
When you see me walking - Sneak up behind me and hug me
When I don't call you - I'm waiting by the phone for you to call me
When I'm scared - Hold me by the waist and tell me you love me
When I look like somethings the matter - Kiss me and tell me everything will be alright
When I hold your hands - Play with my fingers

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