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i pretend i'm not broken.Torstai 28.02.2013 02:41

Someone left the door open
Who left me outside?
I’m bent, I’m not broken
Come live in my life
All the words left unspoken
Are the pages I write
On my knees, and I’m hoping
That someone holds me tonight
Hold me tonight

Welcome to the world and all the landing that was wasted
The blood upon your hands and the wickedness that made it
Sing or scream it all and the memories keep fading
See the exit wound, dear God, what have we taken?
Guess I’ll say a prayer and I’ll kiss into the air
I’ll look into the sky, send em straight to nowhere
We all dug the grave can’t shake away the shame
Can't quiver in the sky but you’re shaking all the same
You left us with the guns and all of em unloaded
Teach us how to shoot but you taught us how to hold em
And all the weight of all the world is right between your shoulders
Heavy is the heart when the world keeps growing colder

Who left the door open?
Who left me outside?
I'm on my knees, and I’m hoping
That someone holds me tonight
Hold me tonight

Two sides to every story, here’s a little morning glory
Breakfast of a mirror, dying slow, seems a little boring
Burning like a flag, walking straight into the breeze
Cause there’s two types of people, you are weak or you are mean
Yeah what’s another lifetime? Like mine?
We all die a little sometimes, it’s alright
Did you come to say your goodbyes to this life?
We all hurt a little sometimes, we’re alright
So mothers hold your children don’t you ever let em go
There is weakness in your grip and they are holding all our hopes
Don’t you ever let me go.

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