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MAYBE MEMORISE-dvdSunnuntai 02.12.2007 21:34

Branden: We never played fresbe in here!?
Jeph: I was just trying to sound like we had fun in here..
Branden: Oh Jeph.
Jeph : Sorry..

Jeph: welcome to the : The Used On TOUR. There is Quinn; he just ate. There is Brande;doing what he does. And Bert trying to keep up with hid business.
Bert: I dont give a fuck about my business!

Branden: Hi Bert from the used, this is Branden from the used.
Jeph: Omg he's talking to Bert, Omg he's talking to Bert.
Branden: hahaha, I dont!
Jeph: Omg He's talking to Bert.
Branden: Bert wants to know if you wanna go tanning?

Jeph: ..saving every moment of this, so here we are..
Jeph & Branden: WE*RE IN JAPAN!! *high voice*
Jeph: and I savor every moment of this *noisy voice*

Quinn: We*re in GERMANY Goddammet!
Branden: oh yeah..

Bert: I dont think that anyone in our place has never fit in. We are the outcast, we are the ones that are different, we are the ones that never really get along with anybody else, we are the ones who went back to their rooms, and put on their headphones and listen to record that made us happy.

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