I don't need to be touched by you
You didn't fight for what we had,
You didn't hang on to it.
So now, I'm just asking, was it ever real ?

I don't think so,
'cuz if you ever really cared,
you'd know now what's been goin' on lately.

I'd really want you here by my side today,
I'd like to tell you all these things.
But this life keeps kicking me down.

I'll make it trough, like I did before - without you.
I hope you know, it's hard to let you go.
But when I do, I hope I don't see you ever again.

I'd like to fight this battle with you by my side,
I'd like you to help me to make it trough,
I guess it's just too late for you to say you're sorry.

You're the best and the worst damn thing that ever happent to me.
I'll always miss you, but this time, I want to forget what we had.
Goodbye and thank you darling.

(c) booberry

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