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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 11.12.2007 01:00

Oh fuck the pain this all caused
Thought I would be happy but it ended up being worse
I've had many sleepless nights but no final cut has been made yet

Come on
Tell me you love her too
Come on
It'll never happen anyway
Come on
Tell me she's the right one for you
Come on
Repeat the words you said to me
Repeat them to her
Make the final cut
Do it now

Oh fuck the pain I'm living now
I was never supposed to be happy anyway
So go ahead, screw me!
I have no words to say, nothing to claim
I lost this, I admit, come on, cut my heart in two

Come on
Ask me how to do it
Come on
Ask me if you can tell her
Come on
Ask me if it hurts too much
Come on
You know I'll be hurt
Come on
Like I ever meant anything anyway
Just a toy, a way to kill some time
I was a fool to hope but
Not the only one who's fallen for that

Yes, take the knife


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