leaving on Monday the 17th... :-(

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On the Road AgainTorstai 13.12.2007 10:15

Hello All!
I'm not sure who all I will see today at school, but hopefully everyone.
I got the 4-11 (the info, the downlow....) on my flights last night, turns out that Rotary has me on a plane the 17th of December... you dont have to look it up, its on Monday--this monday.
So today, Thursday the 13th of December is the last day of me at Lukio of Kauhajoki.
Im going to Seinäjoki on Saturday so Im gonna see you can come along and hang out before I leave.
Sunday i cannot do ANYTHING unless people want to come over to help me pack, but really its a day i should dedicate to my amazing host family. Im sure everyone can understand that.
I hate that i dont have enough time to hang out with everyone and say proper cry baby goodbyes, but life is life.
The reasons for me leaving, for those i have not told have to do with private family matters, one being that my grandmother is in very bad health and is dying and the others are... welll,,,, private.
4 1/2 months here wasnt enough, and for the other exchangees, i wanted to spend 3 drunken and horrible and wonderful weeks on Eurotour and another half a week on a bus trying to entertain ourselves.... and then running through Russian museums being chased by communists....
BUTT..................... we are going to have to postpone those times.
I love you all
Rachel Elizabeth
my flight leaves from Helsinki at 6:15 AM on Monday
i will arrive in Indy, Indiana at 4:50 PM the same day.... weird time differences....

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