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The benefits of music for mind and bodyTiistai 12.10.2021 02:48

The benefits of music for mind and body; Take a look at its 10 amazing therapeutic benefits
I have written about the benefits of music for you. Positive points that, by being aware of them, you will definitely make listening to music part of your daily routine. In fact, the psychological effects of music are more powerful and far-reaching than you might think. Music therapy is a special treatment that is sometimes used to promote emotional health, help patients fight stress and strengthen the psychological dimension of human beings. Some researchers even believe that your taste in choosing music like آهنگ آخه رفتاراش منو دیوونم کرده can provide relatively accurate information about different aspects of your personality.

Music calms the mind and rejuvenates the body, and even helps some people manage pain a lot. But what are the other benefits of music that have been under-reported so far?
1. Music improves your cognitive functionScientific studies have shown that background music like کربلا میخوام ابوالفضل صوتی, the same music that a person listens to while focusing on doing something else, is able to improve the performance of cognitive tasks in adults (from problem solving to doing work). A special study was conducted in this field, the result of which was that playing happy music improves the speed of information processing in the brain, and in general, both happy and fast music and soft music improve memory performance.

From now on, to strengthen your mental performance, do not forget to play a soft background music when doing various tasks. We suggest that you choose non-verbal music and avoid playing music in which the singer interferes with time and space.
2. Music reduces stressIt is a common belief among most people that listening to music like اهنگ مثلا روم زوم کنی بوم بوم کنه قلبم reduces stress or improves its management. To prove this claim, it is enough to look at the home industry, which revolves around making soothing music that is formed for the purpose of meditation and relaxation. Fortunately, science confirms this belief. Listening to music is an effective way to combat stress.

In a 2013 study, participants were asked to sit in one of three suggested positions before experiencing a stressful stimulus and then take a stress test. Three suggested situations: Some participants listened to soothing music, others to the sound of water waves, and still others to no musical stimulus.

The results of experiments showed that listening to music has an effect on the human response to stress, especially on the autonomic nervous system. Those who listened to music calmed down more quickly after facing the stressor.
3. Music helps you eat lessOne of the most amazing psychological benefits of music is its effect on weight loss. If you want to lose weight, listening to soft and pleasant music and reducing ambient light will probably help you a lot.

According to one study, people who went to low-light restaurants with soft music while eating ate 18 percent less food than those who went to other places to eat. but why? Researchers believe that music and low ambient light calm the environment. As participants in the study experienced more peace and comfort, they ate their food more slowly; For this reason, they had the necessary vigilance and noticed a feeling of satiety.

You can try this; Play soft music like كيارش بغل at home while eating dinner. By creating a calming atmosphere, you can probably eat more slowly, and as a result, you will feel fuller faster than the night before.
4. Music improves memory performanceMany students are very interested in playing music while studying, but is that right? Some people feel that listening to their favorite music while reading improves memory function, while others disagree, arguing that in such cases, music is merely a pleasurable distraction.

Research shows that music like با من غریبگی نکن may have a positive effect on memory, but this depends on a number of factors, including the type of music, how much one enjoys the music, and even how familiar one is with the world of music.

Another study found that students with musical knowledge performed better in learning experiments when listening to regular music; This is probably due to the quietness of the music and the huge amount of distraction.

On the other hand, students who do not have special musical knowledge performed better in learning when they listened to positive music, and this is probably due to the creation of positive emotions without interfering with the formation of memory.

Another study found that people who are learning a new language perform better when they learn new words and phrases by rhythm than when they practice them simply and with no rhythm or melody.

Thus, although music affects memory, its results depend on the circumstances of the people who listen to it. If you feel that listening to music while reading or solving a problem distracts you, then it is better to work in silence or end up listening to very soft music.
5. The effect of music on pain managementStudies show that music plays a very important role in the management of pain and suffering. A study of people with fibromyalgia (severe musculoskeletal pain with fatigue, sleep and memory problems, and mood swings) found that patients who listened to music for one hour a day were more likely to control patients who did not listen to music than those who did not. There has been a significant reduction in pain.

In this study, fibromyalgia patients were divided into two groups. The experimental group in which patients listened to music for one hour every day for four weeks and the control group in which patients never listened to music during this period. By the end of the fourth week, those who listened to music on a daily basis experienced a dramatic reduction in pain, suffering, and depression. These results suggest that music therapy can be an important tool in the treatment of chronic pain.

A 2015 study of the effects of music like دانلود مداحی دامن کشان رفتی on pain management showed that patients who listened to music before, during, or even after surgery experienced less pain and anxiety than those who did not. Although listening to music at any given time is beneficial, researchers have found that listening to it before surgery will lead to better results.

The study looked at data from more than 7,000 patients and found that those who listened to music needed less medication to manage their pain. Researchers also saw a slight increase in pain management outcomes when patients chose music themselves.

"More than 51 million surgeries are performed annually in the United States and 6.4 million in the United Kingdom," explains Dr. Katherine Meeds of Brunel University. "In fact, music is a non-invasive, safe and inexpensive medicine that should be available to everyone who is going to have surgery."
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