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Saz-sanDear Dream Diary,Luonut: Saz-sanMaanantai 11.06.2012 14:56

June 11th, 2012

I’m sorry, for I have remembered some of my dreams between this entry and the last, but have been too lazy to write them up. Last night, though, was so restless that I just have to tell about it.

A very restless night, indeed. Not only did I see weird dreams again, but legions of mosquitoes kept me up. I truly am glad to get out of here on Thursday before I totally lose it.

As for the dreams, or one could call them even nightmares depending on one’s view, last night was apparently reserved for pregnancy. First, obviously influenced by the heaps of Thorki fics I read every day, I dreamed I was Loki and with child. Yay for Loki, nay for being in the family way. Not that I don’t like mpreg and especially pregnant!Loki, because I really do, but I just don’t wish it for myself - even in dreams.

In the second dream it wasn’t me with a bun in the oven, but some random girl I don’t recognize from RL, and she really didn’t like the idea. In fact, we were shopping when she got the news and went totally ballistic. She started throwing shopping carts around and just ran away from the mall. As her friend, I naturally ran after her, and it turned out to become a real chase.

I don’t know where this came from, either, but she ran into Morticia, which wasn’t even located where it actually is in RL. They even had an attic at the shop where she escaped to, and I had to pay 10€ (12$) to get there. To make things more difficult, there was a door at the attic that led to the roof, and of course she ran there. In true action flick style we jumped across the roofs, when suddenly her mother came out of nowhere and tried to talk some sense to her. She wouldn’t listen, though, and the only way I could finally stop her, was to gently hit her with a wrecking ball. How one can gently hit anything with a wrecking ball, let alone a human being, I do not know, but this is dream world: laws of reality don’t apply. :D

I pretty much woke up after that to - yes, you guessed it - frigging mosquitoes whining in my face. My eyes hurting from too little sleep, I got up, because it was just impossible to go back to sleep. First thing after waking up, I killed 10 or so mosquitoes - all in my bedroom. FML.

Firestarter13Hyvää Yötä!!!Luonut: Firestarter13Perjantai 05.03.2010 02:51

Mä lähden nyt unimaahan.
Kauniita unia ja halipusutus kaikille ihquille.:)
Mä matkaan nyt unimaahan riemuisaan.:)
Halikaahan ja pusutelkaahan ahkerasti toisianne, ei näet illman haleja ja suukkoja elää saata, niit tarvii jokainen.:)

Rakastan semmosia pehmoisia ja pörröisiä asioita, kuten kissoja, naisia, turkiksia ja jopa pehmoeläimiä.;)
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