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TOKiOdollworld </3Luonut: TOKiOSunnuntai 01.03.2009 19:39

One day, when Barbie went out to have a nice night with her girlz she met a REAL nice guy called Blaine. He came and told her that she and her friends just look fabulous. Barbie was SO sold. She just decided that ken would ever have to know this...

Barbie: Oh,blain, deeper oh deeper
Blaine: oh hell yeah

BUT! Ken was standing just behind the door!!!!

Ken: *thinks* Barbie slept with him...she doesnt love me...I'll fuck bratz then

And on a few minutes ken was on the club. There were millions of bratz but one was over the others. Dana.

Ken:Hei Bratz
Dana: Hi ken
Ken: wanna go for a ride?
Dana. sure ken

And while they were having gummyyummy in a car...

Blaine: Umh...Barbie there is one thing u should know...
Barbie: Tell me jack
Blaine: I'm a MyScene boy
Barbie:Boy! but I wanna play with girls!
Blaine: Fine then, I'll introduce u to a couple...Madison and Chelsea
Madison: Hi barbie
Chelsea: You wanna have some fun...
Barbie: *nose bleed* of course...Meaowwwwwwwww

And on a next day when Polly pocket and Lizzie were talkin' about yesterday

Polly: OMG u know what happened!!!
Lizzie: Oh yes i do first they got...and barbie was like unfaithful to ken and then ken like slept with Bratz and OmG and then barbie told that she is lesbian and loves myscene!?
Polly. Oh my fucking gosh!
Lizzie: but we are like going to shopping and lets not talk about it
Polly: is like old...

The *unhappy* End

Story written by Janne Ballerino
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